Significant Investor Visa  Services Pty Ltd is a specialist migration agency.Our focus  is assisting  applicants for Subclass 188 Business

Innovation  and Investment (Provisional) Visa /Subclass 888 Business Innovation and  Investment (Permanent) Visa.  We also provide a scope of services relevant  to visa application requirements.


Application Services for  Significant Investment Visa 188 Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional)  / 888 Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) class


• Prepare  and submit an Expression of Interest to SkillSelect to obtain nomination by a  State or Territory, and

• Advise  on compliance of required investments of $AUD5,000,000 (five million);  and

• Assist  Applicants to apply for Subclass 188 Business Innovation and Investment  (Provisional) Visa

• Assist  Applicants to apply for Subclass 888 Business Innovation and Investment  (Permanent) Visa


Additional Services to meet  visa requirements               


• Complying  investments in listed sectors.

• Managed  funds.

• SkillSelect.

• Qualifying  businesses.

• Ownership  interest.

• Residence  requirements.

• Direct  company investment.


It’s important to note that  Significant Investor Visa Services Pty Ltd has worked with high networth  individuals for many years.  We’re experienced in providing clear, consist  and open communication. We pride ourselves on providing impeccable service  throughout the application process.


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