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Significant Investor Visa Services Pty Ltd specialise  in the Significant Investor Visa 188 and 888 class visas.  Applicants  should carefully consider the level of service they require throughout this  period before selecting a migration agent.


Will the migration agent relate to  my concerns?


Will the migration agent respond quickly to my  queries?


Will their credentials and experience be truly  relevant to my objectives?


Jason Prismall, Director


Jason oversees all Significant Investor Visa  applications.  You will correspond directly with him first to obtain State  or Territory nomination and then to obtain the Class 188 Business Innovation and  Investment (Provisional) Visa and further over the ensuing 4-year period until  you can apply for the Class 888 Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent)  Visa.  Jason is experienced in working closely with high net worth clients  and has excellent references.


His credentials are impeccable and entirely relevant to  providing superior application management.  Although the majority of his  professional background is law, he is, at heart, a business entrepreneur.   Jason has established and successfully run businesses that effectively leverage  his expertise in law.


Here’s a summary of his professional credentials.


Registered migration agent with Migration Agents  Registration Authority No. 1381995


Qualified Lawyer since 1991.


Commercial Property Law, Immigration and Corporate  Law are areas of expertise.


Achievements include:


• Solicitor  of Supreme Court of Queensland

• Solicitor  of High Court and Federal Courts of Australia

• Solicitor & Barrister of Supreme Court of ACT

• Solicitor  of High Court of England & Wales

• Member  Queensland Law Society

• Completed  QLS Practice Management Course

• Education:   Bachelor of Laws (QUT)




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