What is better than investing in a country overseas with an established track-record of stable economic growth. Being a resident or citizen of that country while you're enjoying the returns on your investments.

Australian Visa and Migration Help

With  this status, you can come and go as you choose, or you can reside there  full-time.  It's nearly impossible to put a value on this sort of option.  And for those individuals of high net worth, this option could be  seen as invaluable.

Especially when the country in question is  Australia.

If your vision or goals include relocating and you are  what the Australian Department of Immigration classifies as a significant  investor¯, then a recent change in government policy may be of interest to you  (and your family).  We are referring specifically to the new visa class;  Significant Investor Visa.

As you would expect from any responsible,  forward-thinking government, there's a clearly defined criteria that must be met  in order to qualify for this visa.  This is a good thing in controlling  this country's destiny.  Ultimately, Australia wishes to attract  responsible individuals that contribute as well as take.

It's no secret that Australia has much to offer.   In fact, immigration is tightly controlled because it's such a desirable country  to live, work, study, invest, raise a family and eventually retire.  The  Services¯ section articulates many of the reasons people  want Australian residency or citizenship.

However, like any bureaucratic procedure, to be awarded  this visa there's fine print along with a list of compliances.  So it pays  to have trusted advice and personalized application management throughout the  process.

This is exactly what Significant Investor Visa Services  Pty Ltd provides; being a Migration Agency

Significant Investment Visa Services Pty Ltd provides  clients with a network of invaluable professional contacts.

If you're interested in Australia as a place to invest,  to live and to enjoy an unparalleled lifestyle, we'd like to hear from  you.


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